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Iowa Environmental Council
521 East Locust Street, Suite 220
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1939


You may contact individual staff members by phone or e-mail. To contact staff by phone, call the Council at 515-244-1194 and use the extension provided.

  • Ralph Rosenberg -- Executive Director, ext 201
    Rosenberg [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Nathaniel Baer – Energy Program Director, ext 206
    Baer [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Susan Heathcote – Water Program Director, ext 205
    Heathcote [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Katy Heggen  – Communications & Outreach Director, ext 210
    Heggen [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Cindy Lane - Climate/Energy Policy Specialist, ext 203
    Lane [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Jen Terry - Agricultural Policy Specialist, ext 211
    Terry [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

  • Julie Ryan - Bookkeeper/Office Manager, ext 200
    Ryan [at] iaenvironment [dot] org

Not sure who to contact?

General inquiries may be sent to iecmail [at] iaenvironment [dot] org.