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Water and Land Legislative Priorities

2017 Water and Land Legislative Priorities

The Iowa Environmental Council supports programs and policies that reduce pollution from urban and agricultural sources and restore beneficial uses drinking water, outdoor recreation and wildlife.

Improving Iowa’s Watersheds and Planning for New Investments

The Council supports funding for impactful conservation and protection of natural resources and will:

  • Support sustainable funding for water quality improvements.  The Council will look at the pros and cons of funding proposals and support those that are consistent with our accountability and sustainability goals.  This includes support for a sales tax increase of 3/8 of a cent to fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund pursuant to the existing formula.   
  • Support establishment of an appointed citizen board or commission with authority to oversee coordinated watershed planning, implementation, monitoring, and accountability for water quality expenditures statewide including goals, timelines and benchmarks for measuring progress and staff dedicated to supporting these efforts.
  • Advocate for adequate funding and staffing levels for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and local entities to support existing programs as well as new obligations if significant additional funding is approved for water quality, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation.

Protecting Water Quality in Iowa’s Karst Region

The Council is offering support to leaders in Northeast Iowa for efforts at the Legislature to protect highly-vulnerable surface and groundwaters in areas of Iowa with Karst terrain.