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Clean Energy

Due to abundant wind and solar resources, a strong history of business and state support, and the work of the Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa has become as a national clean energy leader in recent years, producing more energy with wind – 35.8 percent – more than any other state.

clean energyIowa also ranks second nationally in the amount of wind energy installed with  6,365 megawatts (MW). In 2015, wind power directly and indirectly supported 6,000-7,000 Iowa jobs and made a total capital investment of $11.8 billion.

Iowa would not be in this position without the leadership of the Council and our partners. Despite its clean energy leadership, Iowa still relies too heavily on coal while significant clean energy potential remains.

To meet current and future energy needs and maintain its position as a clean energy leader, Iowa must continue to accelerate its transition to clean energy solutions that are economic and environmentally sound. This includes shifting away from coal to clean sources of energy including wind power, solar power and energy efficiency. 

Through advocacy, education and coalition-building, the Iowa Environmental Council works with diverse stakeholders to fully realize Iowa’s clean energy potential in a way that strengthens our environment, economy, communities, health and quality of life.

We’re accelerating Iowa’s transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency by:

  • Expanding, improving and maintaining access to renewable energy and energy efficiency programs that maximize benefits
  • Removing barriers and defending against efforts to slow or stall Iowa’s transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency adoption, growth and development
  • Working with diverse stakeholders on complementary clean energy policies and practices, including retirement of existing coal plants and expanding passenger transit options
  • The adoption and effective implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which sets the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants by establishing state-specific carbon pollution reduction goals based on each state’s energy portfolio

Learn more about our work to grow wind energy, expand solar energy and improve energy efficiency in Iowa.