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Coal Plant

Tell the IUB: Protect Iowans - Hold MidAmerican Accountable. The Time is Now.

As climate threats multiply and high energy bills hit, this is your chance to ask the Iowa Utilities Board to hold MidAmerican Energy accountable to protect the climate, protect Iowans’ health, and save customers money.

A recent analysis conducted by the respected firm Synapse Energy Economics showed MidAmerican could save its customers a minimum of $1.2 BILLION by retiring its coal fleet by 2030 and replacing it with renewables. This clearly shows that MidAmerican's current plan to keep running its six Iowa coal plants indefinitely is both economically and environmentally irresponsible. Iowans should not have to pay billions in extra energy bills, while facing mounting healthcare costs and escalating climate impacts. MidAmerican must make a plan now to retire its coal plants by 2030 and the IUB can make that happen. Let them know - the time is NOW.

This issue is before the IUB and we encourage you to share your thoughts through the online comment form on the IUB website. View this short instructional video on how to submit those comments. 

You can write your own, or use one of our drafts below as a starting point. Be sure to select 'other' as the docket number and enter SPU-2021-0003.

  • The Iowa Utilities Board should not let MidAmerican charge Iowans an unnecessary, extra $1.2 billion to keep running their dirty coal plants. When you do the math, it clearly shows that renewable energy like wind, solar, and storage will be cheaper to operate long term than buying and burning coal. We have no choice about where we buy our energy and the Board needs to protect customers from being overcharged by monopoly MidAmerican Energy. 
  • The Iowa Utilities Board needs to take action to address climate change in its oversight of MidAmerican. MidAmerican’s coal plants are a massive source of emissions in Iowa, but this monopoly utility has no plans to retire the plants and no climate or emissions goals, even though we no longer need to burn coal to meet our energy needs in Iowa. This hurts our environment and our climate. MidAmerican’s coal plants should be retired by 2030.  
  • The Iowa Utilities Board must hold MidAmerican accountable and not let MidAmerican hide information from Iowans. This oversight is critical because MidAmerican's interest is maximizing profit, not providing customers service at a fair rate. Iowans need a clear plan for how MidAmerican will deal with its expensive, outdated, dirty coal plants. The Board can do that by creating a contested case proceeding where everyone can be heard. 

Visit the IUB Comment Form:

Iowa Utilities Board comment form

Thank you for taking action!