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Coal Plants: The Price Iowans Pay, Webinar 3

View a recording on our YouTube channel of IEC's 10/13/2021 event Coal Plants: The Price Iowans Pay, Webinar #3.

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, IEC concluded our three-part webinar series looking at excess coal generation here in Iowa. The first webinar focused on explaining excess coal generation by examining investor-owned utility customer sales vs. market sales. All the Iowa coal generation in 2020 was excess generation and not needed. Unlike renewable generation, all fossil electricity generation impacts Iowa’s environment. Coal generation not only degrades the air we breathe and drives climate change but also produces a substantial amount of solid waste that is landfilled in Iowa.

Iowans are paying with their lives, health, and safety and farmers are paying a significant corn production penalty from unnecessary coal plant pollution. Coal plant emissions are increasingly being recognized as significantly impacting our health, and are silent killers. It is time for MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy to be accountable to Iowans.