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Water and Land Legislative Priorities

The Iowa Environmental Council supports programs and policies that reduce pollution from urban and agricultural sources and restore beneficial uses drinking water, outdoor recreation and wildlife.

Substantial new, protected and sustainable funding for water quality that is consistent with the Council’s accountability goals

  • Funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund under the existing formula and including monitoring, measurement, and accountability provisions.  Will also consider other sources of funding that are consistent with our goals.canoe
  • Funding for state agencies and other entities necessary to ensure the protection of our environment and public health including the DNR, soil and water conservation efforts of IDALS, and entities that collect and provide public data about Iowa’s water quality.
  • Dedicated funding for local watershed planning and coordination efforts and on-the-ground services to implement conservation practices and projects, especially if water quality funding is substantially increased.  

Funding programs and institutions that support water quality and rural economies

  • Full funding at $20 million for the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Program.
  • Restoration of funding for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Increasing the fee on fishing and hunting licenses that allow for purchase and maintenance of wildlife habitat.   

Adoption of policies that will substantially improve water quality

  • The Council will support policies that reduce pollution from industrial-scale livestock production and strongly oppose any efforts to further weaken standards or public health protections for Iowans.
  • The Council will support policies that empower drainage districts to be an active part of the solution to cleaning up Iowa’s water.