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Energy and Climate Priorities

2017 Priorities

The Energy Program will advocate for and support policies that encourage a transition to 100% clean energy including wind, solar and energy efficiency, in a way that benefits Iowa’s environment, economy, health and quality of life.

Specific issues the Council supports include:

renewable energy

Renewable energy

  • Maintain and expand the incentives available for farmers, businesses, residents and communities to own or invest in their own wind turbines, solar panels or other forms of clean energy, including tax incentives, net metering, and utility rates. 
  • Ensure that sufficient high-voltage transmission infrastructure exists to allow for significant additions of wind power and continue wind development in Iowa to use this infrastructure.

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Ensure that utility energy efficiency programs maximize opportunities for saving energy. This includes implementation of current efficiency plans and improving efficiency policies and resources so all Iowans have access to leading energy efficiency programs.

clean power plan

Clean Power Plan

The Council will advocate for effective implementation of the Clean Power Plan. These federal standards will reduce carbon pollution from Iowa’s and the nation’s power plants (a leading source of carbon pollution), while offering states the opportunity to increase use of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

complementary clean energy policies

Complementary clean energy policies

The Council supports the work of our partners on a range of policies and practices that are both environmentally and economically sustainable, including retirement of existing coal plants and expanding passenger transit choices.