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Energy Legislative Priorities

The Iowa Environmental Council supports programs and policies that encourage a transition to clean energy that benefits Iowa’s environment, economy and communities.

Extend, improve and maintain clean energy tax incentives

Improve access to clean energy through tax incentives for farmers, businesses, residents, utilities, and communities to own or invest in their own wind turbines, solar panels or other forms of clean energy.

  • Maintain the $5 million available for the upfront solar tax credit for farmers, businesses, and individuals to install solar energy.Solar
  • Modernize the renewable energy production tax credit to focus on projects with Iowa ownership and utilizing emerging technologies while saving money in the program.  Set a new deadline for tax credit applications to allow the program to continue to provide benefits to communities and utility customers. 

Protect Iowa’s clean energy leadership

  • Continue solar energy growth by maintaining distributed clean energy policies, such as net metering and third-party power purchase agreements, and prevent new barriers to customer-sited renewables.
  • Ensure Iowans can save money and energy with leading utility energy efficiency programs and energy codes.  All Iowans should have access to the cost savings energy efficiency provides with no customer groups allowed to opt out of programs or requirements.

Secure sufficient clean energy transmission infrastructure

Continue wind energy growth by ensuring sufficient high-voltage transmission infrastructure can be built to carry significant additions of wind power.Wind

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Cut carbon pollution and reduce dependence on fossil fuels by supporting policies that encourage a transition to clean energy.