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From significant threats to public health and agriculture, to increasing stress on our economy and environment, the impacts of climate change are happening now, they’re happening here in Iowa, and they are intensifying.

The need to act on climate and protect our communities, public health and natural resources is urgent, and thanks to rapidly-advancing, increasingly economical solutions, it is achievable. 

Carbon pollution is a primary cause of climate change. Fossil fuel-fired power plants are our nation’s largest concentrated source of carbon pollution. Despite its clean energy leadership, Iowa remains one of the most coal-dependent states in the country, importing all of its coal from outside the state at a cost of $590 million a year.

By reducing carbon pollution and shifting to low and carbon-free energy, Iowa can address climate, protect our communities and working lands, improve our economy, and strengthen our energy independence. 

The Iowa Environmental Council advocates for environmentally and economically-sound policies that cut carbon pollution. We are committed to advancing:

  • Standards limiting carbon pollution from vehicles and power plants that help move away from use of fossil fuels like coal and oil
  • Programs and policies that encourage the adoption and use of low-or-carbon-free energy 
  • Work to retire existing coal plants and expand passenger transit choices

Join us in advocating for and supporting programs and policies that cut carbon pollution and encourage the adoption of low-and-carbon-free energy.