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Request for Proposals: IWILL Campaign

Date Posted: 9/30/2021
Department: Programs
Type of Employment: Part-Time

Iowa Environmental Council Clean Water and Land Program

Job type: Consultant
Reports to: Water Program Director
Request for Proposal Issued: September 30, 2021
Submission Deadline: October 14, 2021

The Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) requests the services of a consultant to conduct a public relations campaign supporting funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust fund.


In the summer of 2020, the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) brought together partner organizations to discuss and strategize about next steps in the effort to pass legislation to fund the Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund (the Trust) after the Invest in Iowa Act failed to pass in 2020. IEC and its partners determined that the preferred course of action was to take a leadership role in advancing funding the Trust and formalize with a name and website: Fund the Trust Leadership Coalition (FTLC) at www.fundthetrust.org. FTLC currently has fifteen organizations signed on, including the Environmental Law and Policy Center, Izaak Walton League of America, Center for Rural Affairs, Iowa Rivers Revival, Prairie Rivers of Iowa, and Golden Hills RC&D. A full list of members is available at fundthetrust.org.

Mission and Shared Values

The Fund the Trust Leadership Coalition represents a diverse group of Iowans committed to protecting our water and land, enhancing opportunities to enjoy our natural resources, and honoring the will of Iowa voters by fully funding the Trust.

The following statements represent the shared values of the FTLC:

  • The Trust would provide massive benefits to current and future generations of Iowans by improving public health, quality of life, and economic development opportunities.
  • Iowans voted to create the Trust to provide ongoing, permanent funding to supplement existing natural resources and outdoor recreation funding.
  • Projects funded by taxpayer dollars should have monitoring, accountability, and transparency to ensure they provide the intended public benefits.
  • Trust Fund expenditures should include environmental justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion considerations.


FTLC has developed a strategy focused on two components: (1) building support for the Fund the Trust Leadership Coalition and (2) engaging the public through powerful communications.

The FTLC will pursue the following activities to further develop and strengthen the coalition and promote the message to “Fund the Trust”:

  • Build and broaden base of support for funding the Trust by identifying and inviting a robust array of business, nonprofit, governmental, and citizen action groups to join FTLC.
  • Support a statewide public relations campaign that utilizes values-based messaging to promote funding the Trust.
  • Promote the resources, research, and public policy solutions of FTLC member organizations as they relate to the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.

Description of Services Requested

Consultant will execute a statewide public relations campaign to (1) re-center the Trust Fund as essential for quality of life and environmental health in the state, and (2) remind Iowa voters of the importance and opportunity of a Trust that they overwhelmingly voted in favor of more than a decade ago. 

A coordinated public relations campaign will increase and broaden public support by raising public awareness of the Trust, clearly and succinctly communicating values-based messages about the Trust, and bringing in additional bipartisan constituencies such as business, sportsmen, public health, and marginalized communities. This will create a powerful and diverse base of support for funding the Trust. This effort will focus on the Trust Fund itself and not any specific legislative vehicle.

A PR initiative will establish: (1) consistent branding; (2) public messaging; and (3) an effective media strategy. This may include events and a statewide public involvement campaign.

Consultant will be responsible for: (1) coordinating all fundraising and compliance activities associated with the campaign; (2) organizing and managing a volunteer-driven fundraising committee; and (3) raising at least $400,000 over the course of the campaign to fund all campaign activities and consulting fees.

Campaign will run through the 2022 election, with the opportunity for extension.

The consultant will provide guidance to IEC staff and FTLC members on implementation and core messaging. The consultant will collaborate, communicate, and provide regular updates to IEC staff. Work may be completed entirely remotely, but there may be opportunity for in-person internal or external presentations or meetings depending on distance and safety.

Selection Criteria

The successful firm or individual will be selected on the basis of professional qualifications and demonstrated competence. Particular attention will be paid to: 

  • Ability to perform the requirements outlined in this RFP. 
  • Qualifications and relevant experience of the firm and individuals who will work on the 
  • Reasonableness of the fee requested to do the work; comparability of fee to similar services offered by other qualified firm(s) or individuals.
  • Demonstrated commitment of the firm or individual to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in their work.
  • Demonstrated record of success by the firm or individual. 

The Iowa Environmental Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to building a culturally diverse and pluralistic community engaged with working in a multicultural environment, and strongly encourages proposals from all qualified firms or individuals.

Proposal Submission

Firms or individuals should send their proposals to Ingrid Gronstal, Water Program Director, at Iowa Environmental Council, 505 Fifth Ave, Suite 850, Des Moines, IA 50309, or via email to gronstal@iaenvironment.org.

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