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Who We Are

Our Mission

IEC's mission is a just, healthy environment and sustainable future for all Iowans.  

We envision a state that is a leader in addressing climate change and environmental justice, and in creating resilient communities that embody Iowans' shared values of respect for all people and the environment. 

Through education, advocacy, and coalition-building, we raise awareness, generate action, and create large-scale change. We work on federal, state, and local public policy issues to ensure a just, healthy environment and sustainable future for all Iowans.  

IEC holds the following core values:

  • Our greatest strength is our relationships, within our team and our diverse coalition.
  • Our work is informed by science, data, and stories. 
  • We are a trusted voice, respected for our integrity and resourcefulness. 
  • Sometimes we educate and lead; other times, we learn and follow. 
  • We are inclusive. 
  • We are non-partisan. 
  • We listen to others. 

Our Approach

For more than 25 years, the Iowa Environmental Council has been the largest environmental coalition in the state, leading the way in addressing urgent concerns impacting people and the planet. We are a nonpartisan alliance of diverse organizations and individuals working together to protect and preserve Iowa's environment. 

The Council and its balanced, nonpartisan approach is unique, effective and well-respected. Our ability to gather the knowledge and expertise of our members, assemble diverse stakeholders, collaborate, create productive dialogue, and offer solutions are among some of our greatest skills. 

Our Work

At our founding, IEC's main focus was water quality and land stewardship. In 2005, it meant becoming a leader in moving Iowa toward a clean energy future. Both of those issue areas continue to fit within our scope today. However, those issue areas cannot be addressed without addressing the urgent issues of climate change and environmental justice. Both climate change and environmental justice are root causes of the challenges we face around water quality and land stewardship and continuing our push for a 100% clean energy future.

Climate Change

We believe Iowa can be a leader in mitigating the effects of climate change and becoming a carbon neutral state. Measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change can and should also create new economic markets, increase community resiliency, reduce pollution, protect public health, and improve habitat. We will advocate for a just transition that allows people to realize the full value of Iowa’s land, water, and ecosystem services while securing a more resilient future for Iowa. 

Environmental Justice

Our work is guided by a commitment to environmental justice. The consequences of climate change and pollution are not and will not be felt equally by all Iowans. We will look for opportunities to fight systemic racism and inequality where we find it in environmental regulations, laws, and policies, including examining the disproportionate negative impacts of poor water and air quality, flooding, lack of access to public lands and outdoor recreation opportunities, and high energy bills on BIPOC and marginalized communities. We must actively seek to address these inequities, or else the efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change will exacerbate them. 

We envision an Iowa that has mitigated climate change and corrected inequities through its energy, water, land, and environmental justice policies. That future Iowa has: 

  • A healthy climate and habitat 
  • Diverse land uses 
  • A variety of economic drivers and opportunities for all Iowans 
  • Equitable access to public lands, outdoor recreation, and environmental education 
  • Equitable access to affordable, reliable, and clean sources of energy and drinking water 
  • The promise of a livable future for current and future generations 
  • An engaged public with equitable access to the democratic process 

The Iowa Environmental Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Funded by generous donations and foundation grants, supported by committed volunteers, and staffed by dedicated employees, we strive to create a state people are proud to call home.