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Take Action: Legislative and Policy Action Alerts

Tell the Iowa DNR: Strengthen AFO Rulemaking in Iowa to Strengthen AFO Rulemaking in Iowa

updated 9/26/2022

To protect Iowa’s drinking water, Outstanding Iowa Waters, and other waters of the state, the Environmental Protection Commission must adopt rules requiring water pollution monitoring systems at feedlots, consideration of environmental factors before approving feedlots, and greater separation from karst terrain for new construction.

We also need to reduce over-application of manure. The proposed rules do not change the current approach, which results in pollution of Iowa’s groundwater and surface water with nitrate and phosphorus. We need manure management plans that reflect current science and only apply the nutrients a crop can actually use.

The Iowa DNR’s proposed rules for feedlots do not protect groundwater and drinking water sources from pollution, especially in karst terrain. Submit your comments now telling DNR to strengthen the rules.

Contact the Iowa DNR and submit your comments to support protecting Iowa’s waters from feedlot pollution by Friday, October 7.

Tell the Des Moines City Council: Demand a Franchise Agreement that Serves Our Climate Goals  

updated 5/13/2022

Des Moines showed leadership on climate action by passing a resolution calling for 24/7 carbon-free electricity by the year 2035. The MidAmerican Energy franchise agreement is a critical moment to make this commitment a reality.

The current proposal would extend the city’s agreement to the year 2035, which is the deadline for Des Moines’ to reach its clean energy goal. It’s imperative that this agreement includes options to terminate the agreement at years three (2025) and eight (2030) if MidAmerican is not fulfilling its commitments to the city’s energy goals.

Other cities in Iowa have franchise agreements that offer exit clauses throughout their contract—Des Moines is not unreasonable to request the same. Our communities and our climate are too important to sign away our only leverage until 2035 when it will be too late to correct course.

Tell the City Council that you support holding MidAmerican accountable to their promises

Tell Your Legislator: Support MRRRI

updated 4/1/2022

The Mississippi River is a vital resource that provides much to our state and region. The river is:  

  • Drinking water to 20 million people in 50 cities,  
  • River road or “flyway” for 325+ bird species,  
  • Habitat for 780+ species,   
  • $500 billion in annual revenue and employment of 1.5 million people, and
  • Recreation and revitalization for all who live near and visit the River.

Last June, Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) and four original co-sponsors introduced legislation to coordinate restoration and resilience work up and down the Mississippi River corridor: the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Act (MRRRI). MRRRI would provide  critical funds to increase climate resiliency, improve water quality, and more in mainstem river states like Iowa.  

Iowa communities need support to increase resiliency in the face of extreme weather due to climate change. Investing in natural infrastructure, such as wetland restoration and floodplain reconnection, can protect us, our homes, livelihoods, and our waters. Tell Congress that you support MRRRI.

Tell the Des Moines City Council: Vote Yes for an All-Electric Incentive for New Buildings

added 3/1/22

The City of Des Moines must continue to take bold action in order to achieve its ambitious, community-wide clean energy and climate goals. To reach its target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, the city must take steps to move away from fossil fuel use by incentivizing that newly-constructed buildings be all-electric.

Call on the Des Moines City Council to vote yes for an all-electric incentive for new buildings.

Tell the DNR to Inventory Lead Service Lines in Iowa

added 2/28/22

Iowa will receive more than $110 million to address water infrastructure through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (the bipartisan infrastructure law). This investment is a chance to address problems we have known about for years but have not had the resources to address. One of the key issues is lead in drinking water. 

The funding includes nearly $45 million to address lead service lines that pollute drinking water for Iowans across the state. These lead service lines exist in rural and urban water systems, presenting a drinking water risk for Iowans across the state.  

Contact Iowa DNR Director Kayla Lyon today to express your support for the DNR to inventory lead service lines for drinking water in Iowa using these funds.

Tell Your Legislators: No to SSB 3134

added 2/10/2022

A bill has been introduced in the Iowa Senate that threatens public lands in Iowa. SSB 3134 is a direct attack on public lands and conservation in Iowa. It should be opposed in its entirety.

SSB 3134 handcuffs the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and county conservation boards from acquiring land for parks, trails, preserves, watershed protection, wildlife habitat, and even recreational amenities such as new museums or playgrounds.

The bill directly threatens conservation efforts to protect water quality in Iowa.

It also makes it harder for private landowners sell their land for public use, punishing Iowans who wish to protect and develop treasured public spaces in their communities for the future.

Contact senators on the committee and tell them to oppose SSB 3134.

Tell the IUB: Protect Iowans - Hold MidAmerican Accountable

added 12/17/2021

As climate threats multiply and high energy bills hit, this is your chance to ask the Iowa Utilities Board to hold MidAmerican Energy accountable to protect the climate, protect Iowans’ health, and save customers money.

recent analysis conducted by Synapse Energy Economics showed MidAmerican could save its customers a minimum of $1.2 BILLION by retiring its coal fleet by 2030 and replacing it with renewables. This clearly shows that MidAmerican's current plan to keep running its six Iowa coal plants indefinitely is both economically and environmentally irresponsible.

Iowans should not have to pay billions in extra energy bills, while facing mounting healthcare costs and escalating climate impacts. MidAmerican must make a plan now to retire its coal plants by 2030 and the IUB can make that happen. Let them know - the time is NOW.

This issue is before the IUB and we encourage you to share your thoughts through the online comment form on their website. Get more information and submit your comments.