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Legislative and Policy Action Alerts 

Protect Solar Growth in Iowa

updated 3/11/19

MidAmerican Energy and their allies in the legislature want to stop you from going solar. The utility is attempting to monopolize the sun by squashing customer choice.

Tell your legislators to reject HSB 185, now House File 669, and Senate File 583. Feel free to reference IEC's Talking Points on HSB 185/HF 669 and SF 583

Iowa’s solar sector has grown as homeowners, businesses and farmers across the state have made private investments in solar in order to directly reduce their electricity bills with clean energy.

Now the company that claims a “100% Renewable Vision” is making it quite clear that they don’t want any more Iowans contributing to that goal.

HSB 185/HF 669 and SF 583 will undermine net metering, a policy that allows customers with solar to be compensated for the electricity they add to the grid. By imposing needlessly high fees and fixed charges, the utility wants to dissuade new solar customers by ruining the economics of customer-owned solar.

The utilities are trying to convince lawmakers that customer-generated energy is a burden. The truth is that distributed solar more than pays for the infrastructure necessary to support it with the high-value electricity it provides to the grid.

It’s time to stand up for every Iowans’ ability to contribute to Iowa’s clean energy future.

Contact your legislators today and ask that they oppose HSB 185/HF 669 and SF 583!

Protect Public Land and Source Water in Iowa

updated 3/19/19

A bill was introduced this session  in the Iowa Senate that threatens public lands in Iowa. SF 548 (formerly SSB 1221) is a direct attack on conservation and water quality in Iowa. It should be opposed in its entirety.

The bill eliminates the use of the State Revolving Fund for public land acquisition for water quality purposes. 

SSB 1221 passed out of Committee on March 7. It will next go to the full Senate for debate. 

Contact your Senator today and ask that they oppose SF 548/SSB 1221!

Submit comments to the DNR on proposed stream designation changes

posted 2/11/19

Iowa DNR has proposed rulemaking for changes to stream designations on over 100 streams in Iowa. The Iowa Environmental Council is analyzing the DNR's UAAs and proposals for changing stream classifications. IEC is primarily concerned that lowering the stream designations will allow further degradation of our waters and threaten public health​. The DNR is currently accepting public comments on the updated UAAs until 4:30 pm on Friday, February 22.

Please take a moment and lend your voice to protect Iowa's waters. Here are ways to take action:

1. Review the proposed changes to stream designations

2. Submit your comments to the DNR. The deadline for public comments on the DNR's proposed stream designation changes is February 22 at 4:30 PM. Comments can be submitted to:

Matthew Dvorak
Email: matthew.dvorak@dnr.iowa.gov
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Section
Department of Natural Resources
Wallace State Office Building
502 East Ninth Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

3. Attend one of the three public hearings held by the DNR to learn about the changes and make comments:

February 12 at the Urbandale Public Library, Meeting Room B at 4:00 pm
February 13 at the Washington Public Library at 4:00 pm
February 14 at the Harlan Community Library at 4:00 pm

Add your voice for a more sustainable Des Moines

posted 11/26/18

The cheapest and cleanest form of energy is the energy that you don’t use. Help us support a local policy that will reduce energy and water usage and contribute to our goal of 100% clean energy for Iowa.

The City of Des Moines is considering a building performance policy that would improve energy efficiency, save billions of gallons of water, lower utility bills, and lead to better indoor air quality for Des Moines citizens.

Benchmarking is a process that helps building operators track their energy and water usage over time to equip them with information they need to use resources more efficiently.

For additional information, click here

Add your voice to the letter to the Des Moines City Council asking them to support a benchmarking policy.