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Justice 40

Iowa agencies are making plans for how they will spend the federal dollars flowing into the state from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed last fall. For Iowans, these opportunities to give public input are crucial for providing oversight on how and whether Iowa is making wise investments that benefit all Iowans and lead to a more equitable state as part of the Justice 40 initiative.

What is Justice 40?

Ensuring the dollars are spent equitably is a goal of Justice40. Justice40 is the Biden administration’s guidance for incorporating environmental justice into federal spending, calling for 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal spending to go to disadvantaged communities.

Justice40 aims to right some of the wrongs caused by discriminatory policies like redlining and highway construction that destroyed Black neighborhoods. The initiative aims to address historic underinvestment in housing, transportation, drinking water access and safety, and public health for marginalized people. Targeting new investments in communities we have damaged and otherwise failed to invest in will make all of Iowa stronger and better.  

IEC's Role in Justice 40 

IEC is committed to helping state and local entities to take advantage of key federal funding opportunities with an emphasis on the Justice40 Initiative. IEC will assist in determining which IIJA programs and spending have the most potential to make an impact in Iowa, using both data-driven and political analyses as well as knowledge of key stakeholders and partnerships. Our staff will track key rulemakings tied to IIJA implementation of the renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, along with specific applications of the Justice40 Initiative.

Justice 40 Initiatives in Iowa

Watch for more updates as infrastructure planning and spending advances in Iowa.