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Legislative Portal: Legislative Tools

Law book and gavel

Our staff, professional advocates, and volunteers and stakeholders are working all year long to advance policy to impact Iowa's environment. You can help from anywhere in Iowa, at any time. Here are a few tool to help you with taking legislative action.

The State Legislature Website

Visit the official page of the state legislature to find details on important dates, bills, committees, and other activity at the Capitol.

Another helpful tool - the 2021 Legislative Session Timetable.

Watch this instructional video from our friends at Center for Rural Affairs for details and tips on navigating the State Legislative website - Engaging with the Iowa Legislature

Legislator Look Up

Do you have a new legislator? Use our Legislator Look Up to review your state representatives.

IEC Action Alerts

Sign up to receive IEC Action Alerts during session and throughout the year. We send alerts as needed about legislation or other action that impacts our goals, inviting you to take action by contacting legislators or key policymakers. 

You can also view any active action alerts anytime on our Take Action page

Legislative Events

Attending events is a big part of making your heard. Meeting with change makers and law makers is an opportunity to network and show your support. View upcoming events.

Advocacy Do's and Don'ts 

Read quick tips on how to talk with decision makers at all stages of advocating here.

How a Bill Becomes Law

Visit Common Good Iowa for a refresher on how a bill works its way through the chambers to become law and other helpful legislative advocacy resources.

IEC Fact Sheets and Publications

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