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Wind Publications

Successful Iowa County Wind Siting Practices

In June 2018, the Council released Successful Iowa County Wind Siting Practices, a publication that provides a comprehensive overview of the best practices in wind siting ordinances in Iowa. This tool is designed to be used by local county staff and officials to aid in developing appropriate ordinances that address safety concerns and other issues commonly encountered with wind development. 

Solar Publications

Real Potential, Ready Today

In 2014, the Council released Real Potential, Ready Today:  Solar Energy in Iowa, a publication that provides an in-depth look at the many benefits solar PV offers beyond energy including:  job creation, consumer savings, cleaner air and water, innovation and technology investment, and improved stability in the electric grid. Updated in March 2016, the report also highlights prominent examples of solar installations from around the state and explains common public policies used in Iowa and nationwide to support solar energy.

Partner Publications

Wind Publications

Wind Potential & Economic Impacts in Iowa

In 2015, the Council partnered with the Iowa Wind Energy Association (IWEA) to release two publications, one about Iowa's wind potential, and the other about the economic impacts of wind in Iowa.

Iowa's Wind Potential

The first report, Iowa's Wind Potential for Addressing 111(d) Goals: The Potential for Tapping Iowa's Wind Resources to Reduce CO2 Emissions, was released in May 2015 and authored by wind industry experts Dan Turner, Ph.D., and Thomas A. Wind, P.E.

The Economic Impact of Iowa's Wind Potential
The second report, Economic Impacts of Wind Energy in Iowa: Four Scenarios, was released in August 2015 and authored by Dave Swenson, an associate scientist in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University.

Solar Publications

Shining Bright: Growing Solar Jobs in Iowa

In March 2011, the Iowa Policy Project released Shining Bright: Growing Solar Jobs in Iowa, a report outlining how solar energy can help build Iowa's economy.