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Iowa State Capitol

Take Action: Legislative and Policy Action Alerts

Tell the EPA:  Strengthen Protections for Waters of the U.S.

added 8/17/2021

Attend a public meeting and make comments to call for the repeal of the Navigable Waters Rule and replace with a rule that provides strong protections for our nation’s wetlands and streams. The meetings have limited attendance capacity, so you are encouraged to register as soon as possible. 

Tell Your Lawmakers: Commit to Climate Action by Investing in Infrastructure

added 7/8/2021

The science is clear — our climate is changing, and we need Congress to act now to help build a more equitable and resilient future for all Iowans. Extreme weather events such as flooding, heat, and drought affect all corners of our state. Now more than ever, Congress needs to come together to strengthen investments in our state's clean energy and natural infrastructure projects.

Tell Your Legislator: Support MRRRI

added 7/1/2021

The Mississippi River is a vital resource that provides much to our state and region. The river is:  

  • Drinking water to 20 million people in 50 cities,  
  • River road or “flyway” for 325+ bird species,  
  • Habitat for 780+ species,   
  • $500 billion in annual revenue and employment of 1.5 million people, and
  • Recreation and revitalization for all who live near and visit the River.

Earlier this week, Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) and four original co-sponsors introduced legislation to coordinate restoration and resilience work up and down the Mississippi River corridor: the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Act (MRRRI). MRRRI would provide critical funds to increase climate resiliency, improve water quality, and more in mainstem river states like Iowa.  

Iowa communities need support to increase resiliency in the face of extreme weather due to climate change. Investing in natural infrastructure, such as wetland restoration and floodplain reconnection, can protect us, our homes, livelihoods, and our waters. Tell Congress that you support MRRRI.