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Advocacy Toolkit

Iowa Water Watch (IWW) aims to increase awareness of Iowa’s recreational water quality and make monitoring data more accessible to the public and easier to understand. IWW also supports the policy change to improve, protect, and provide safe, enjoyable public access to Iowa’s recreational waterways.

Policy Goal 1 Policy Goal 2
Policy Goal 3 Policy Goal 4

Advocate Actions

As an IWW supporter, you can make a difference for Iowa’s waterways by advocating for clean water. No matter where you are in your advocacy journey, it is important to remember that policy change can be a long road. Advocacy requires persistence and dedication. And your voice is critically important to the process that leads to clean water in Iowa. With our collective voice, we can demand improvement and protection for Iowa waterways.  

The resources on this page will help you advocate for safe, healthy recreational waterways in Iowa. Any action you take is important and helpful. 

Low Investment:

  • Make a phone call to decision-makers
  • Send an email to decision-makers
  • Mail a letter or postcard to decision-makers

Medium Investment:

  • Attend an event such as a town hall, listening session, or public hearing
    • Ask a question or provide a comment
    • Take notes
  • Write an Op-Ed for your local newspaper

High Investment:

  • Request an in-person meeting
  • Organize an event for constituents and invite them to attend
  • Attend a lobby day at the Capitol

Additional Resources

LTE & OpEdGuide to Decision MakersTalking Points

  • The Talking Points document contains helpful messaging and statistics related to these policy goals.  

  • The Guide to Decision-Makers provides contact information for the elected officials and agencies that make and implement laws and policies for Iowa waterways.  

  • The LTE Toolkit has all the information you will need to write and submit a letter-to-the-editor or op-ed for your local newspaper to raise awareness about the issues and policy solutions for recreational waterways, including templates that you can craft into your own message. 

  • Advocacy Dos and Don’ts has helpful tips for meeting with elected officials.