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Energy Efficiency

Iowa’s energy portfolio includes significant shares of wind and solar energy, and is shifting away from old, dirty forms of energy.

energy efficiencyTo maximize the benefits of this clean energy, as well old energy sources the state relies on during this transition, Iowa must use it efficiently. 

Using energy more efficiently means getting the same or better results for things like lighting, heating and cooling in our homes, but doing so by using less energy. There are significant opportunities to improve energy efficiency – and save money – beyond homes in Iowa, including small business, large industrial users, and in agriculture. 

Iowa utilities have increased annual electricity savings significantly in recent years, but there is room for continued improvements. Iowa’s efficiency plans are also cost-effective, meaning they create economic benefits that are greater than their costs, and the potential for additional energy savings is significant. 

The Iowa Environmental Council advocates for policies that encourage energy efficiency. We are committed to advancing policies that:

  • Ensure that utility energy efficiency programs maximize opportunities for saving energy, including implementation of current efficiency plans and improving efficiency policies and resources so all Iowans have access to leading energy efficiency programs.

SF 2311 Impact on Utility Energy Efficiency Plans
Updated July 23, 2018

Requirements in SF 2311, enacted during the 2018 Legislative Session, resulted in MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy filing new, scaled-back plans with the Iowa Utilities Board for the energy saving programs they will offer customers over the next 5 years. This legislation put extreme limits how much a utility can allocate to energy efficiency and, ironically, required the utilities to propose to invest more in programs that save less. IEC is working with energy partners to explore options to address the impacts of this bad bill.

Read a summary of the changes to MidAmerican’s energy efficiency plan and to Alliant Energy’s energy efficiency plan on our Energy Fact Sheets page.

Join us in advocating for and supporting energy efficiency