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Clean Water and Land Stewardship

Iowa’s natural resources are diverse and provide many benefits to the state’s people, communities and economy.

However, as Iowa has managed the landscape to meet our individual and collective needs, we have placed increasingly severe strain on these resources. This threatens drinking and recreational water, soil, natural areas and wildlife habitat.

To meet current and future land and water needs and preserve our natural resources, we must develop and adopt solutions that are economical, sustainable and environmentally sound. This includes reducing pollution from urban and agricultural sources to restore Iowa’s land and water.

Through advocacy, education and coalition-building, the Iowa Environmental Council works with diverse stakeholders to advance strong standards and goals for clean water and land stewardship that strengthen Iowa’s environment, economy, communities, health and quality of life.

We are building the path to clean water, healthy land and a sustainable future for Iowa by:

  • Working with diverse stakeholders to improve the state’s strategy and programs for reducing agricultural pollution – the most significant source of water pollution in Iowa – which is largely unregulated
  • Calling for the implementation and enforcement of the Clean Water Act through strong state water quality standards for rivers and lakes, and issuance of permits that limit pollutant discharges and ensure clean water  
  • Supporting comprehensive planning and water monitoring to coordinate and prioritize efforts for maximum benefits and to gauge progress
  • Advocating for sustainable funding for conservation and protection of natural resources
  • Organizing, participating in and promoting clean ups and water quality events such as IOWATER, Iowa's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring program

Learn more about our work to improve water quality, strengthen land stewardship and ensure standards and enforcement in Iowa.