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  • Leopold Center's Mission Intact but Funding Dropped

    During the 2017 Session, the legislature passed a repeal and de-funding of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at ISU. Since then, hundreds of rural and urban citizens from Iowa advocated with Governor Terry Branstad to use the power of the line-item veto to prevent the elimination of the Center. Last Friday when the Governor signed SF 510 into law, he chose to use this power to keep the Center alive.

  • Council Works with Local Leaders to Protect Karst

    The Council is working with local leaders in northeast Iowa to find ways to protect uniquely vulnerable karst areas from inappropriate siting of large animal feeding operations.

  • IEC Releases Report Raising Health Concerns About Nitrate in Drinking Water

    On Thursday, September 29, the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) released a new report, “Nitrate in Drinking Water: A Public Health Concern for All Iowans,” an overview of research conducted in Iowa, the U.S. and abroad that indicates the health risks associated with nitrate in drinking water may go beyond blue-baby syndrome.

  • Committee creates new buzz for central Iowa's water quality woes

    This past week, the Council's water program staff attended the first series of Iowa's Water Future Advisory Committee meetings convened by Capitol Crossroads. The new effort, convened by municipal and business interests, aims to find solutions to address nitrate pollution in Des Moines' drinking water.

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