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Alicia joined the Council in 2019. She grew up in Adel, Iowa. She previously worked as the director of the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition, where she supported environmental educators and advanced environmental literacy. Alicia holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University with a focus on land conservation and management, and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Notre Dame. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, travel, and yoga.

Blog posts by this Author:

  • Understanding the true scope of the Nishnabotna fertilizer spill

    A recent fertilizer spill at NEW Cooperative in southwest Iowa that entered the East Nishnabotna River killed approximately 750,000 fish over a 60 mile stretch of river. According to reporting from the Iowa Capital Dispatch, it is the largest fish kill in Iowa in a decade and the fifth largest in our state's history. IEC Water Program Director Alicia Vasto shares her dismay in this guest column published in the Gazette on April 2, 2024.

  • Advocating for Iowa at MRN's DC Fly-in

    IEC Water Program Director Alicia Vasto traveled to Washington, D.C. March 4-7, 2024, for the Mississippi River Network's (MRN) annual fly-in. This network of supporters advocated on behalf of the Mississippi River watershed, and granted us the opportunity to connect with Iowa legislators.

  • The 2023 Gulf Hypoxia Task Force meeting: (No) impetus for change

    Alicia Vasto traveled to Arkansas to attend this year's Gulf Hypoxia Task Force meeting in person to present comments. What she saw and heard reveals no surprises about why nothing seems to change when it comes to fertilizer pollution in Iowa, the Mississippi River Basin, or the Gulf of Mexico.

  • 2013 - 2023: A decade of declining water quality in Iowa

    To mark the 10th anniversary of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy, IEC launched a new website: Big Ag is pushing a narrative that the NRS is a success, when the numbers tell a different story. Water Program Director Alicia Vasto says more about why stories are good, but data is key and what Iowa's really seen in the past ten years.

  • Welcome Back! It's Weekly Water Watch 2023

    With the Memorial Day holiday upon us, the start of summer recreation, and weekly beach monitoring, summer has begun! With that comes the start of IEC's Weekly Water Watch series. Read on to learn about new advisory data and activities this summer.

  • Iowa Water Love Stories - memories about water we love

    On this Valentine's Day, IEC staff share our water love stories. From childhood exploration, to boating adventures as adults, to taking their own kids outside, hear what we love about water.

  • Pushing through 2022 with dedication to cleaner water in Iowa

    Water Program Director Alicia Vasto shares her thoughts as we wrap up a year of work on water and land stewardship in Iowa at IEC. She reflects about the effort, hard work, and dedication to IEC's mission of clean water in Iowa, while also sharing valuable resources and looking forward to the coming year.

  • An Individual Duty to Protect Water

    In 1987, the Iowa legislature passed the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act. IEC suggests it is time to create an Iowa Surface Water Protection Act as part of the efforts to advance the Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

  • If Placemaking is a Priority for Iowa, It's Time to Fund the Trust

    Last month, the Governor's Economic Recovery Advisory Board released their recommendations for how the state should address challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Alicia Vasto shares how their goals for placemaking and improved water quality in Iowa means it's time to fund the trust.

  • Adding up the 2020 Beach Season

    As summer draws to a close, we're looking back at Weekly Water Watch 2020. Even with weeks full of unbelievable news, Iowa's waters still saw toxic algae blooms, E. coli contamination, drought, and high beach visitation across the state this year.

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