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  • County-level Conservation Delivers Clean Water and Recreation For All

    Guest blogger Rich Leopold, Director of Polk County Conservation, shares how past bond support delivered important water quality, flood protection, and outdoor recreation projects to residents in Central Iowa.

  • Stormwater Best Management Practices

    Isaac Svoboda and Derek Namanny of the City of Des Moines' Public Works Clean Water Program share information about how and where to apply for the Stormwater Best Management Practices Rebate Program, with tips and ideas even if you don't reside in Des Moines.

  • Electric Franchise Fees and My Hometown: Understanding the Process

    Guest blogger Joleen Jansen with Clayton County Energy District outlines her community's upcoming opportunity to revisit their franchise fee agreement with Alliant Energy, what it could mean for Elkader, and why it's important to understand the process.

  • Why I want Iowa to Fund the Trust

    IEC Water and Land Stewardship program summer intern Rachel James reflects on what she learned about Iowa's natural resource funding opportunities and why she feels it's time for Iowa to fund the Trust.

  • Meskwaki Nation Leads Creation of Iowa River Watershed Coalition

    Iowa River Watershed Coalition President, Jarrett Pfrimmer, PhD, shares the coalition efforts led by the Meskwaki Department of Natural Resources to form the Iowa River Watershed Coalition in 2019. Read more about the stakeholders involved and the goals they have set out to achieve to protect the Iowa River watershed.

  • Congress Can Bring More Electric School Buses to Iowa

    This guest blog authored by Karin Stein with Moms Clean Air Force in Iowa and the organization's Ecomadres program discusses the opportunity Congress has to transition Iowa's school bus fleet from diesel to electric engines, and the health and financial benefits that could come along with the switch.

  • Greening Your Lawn with Good Neighbor Iowa

    In this guest post from our friends at Good Neighbor Iowa, they discuss the wonderful things spring in Iowa brings: flowers, outdoor activities, and bees and butterflies. However, spring brings something else as well - the pursuit for the perfect, well-manicured lawn. Learn alternative ways to manage your favorite green space this year.

  • Help the Wild in Iowa This Tax Season

    Learn how a simple checkbox on your state tax form can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to support non-game wildlife in Iowa, including Trumpeter Swans, bats, turtles and so much more.

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