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  • What does environmental justice look like in the Heartland region?

    This guest blog is from Jeff Severin, Senior Program Manager at the Heartland Environmental Justice Center (HEJC) in Wichita, Kansas. Jeff details the meaning of environmental justice and how it impacts lives throughout the Midwest. The HEJC serves as a resource and advocate for marginalized communities to better understand local issues, and boost capacity to make meaningful and sustainable changes towards justice.

  • An inside look at West Des Moines' MS4 permit and Stormwater Assistance Program

    Stormwater is the water that runs off impervious surfaces like paved roads, rooftops, and lawns. In this guest blog, Isaac Svoboda, Engineering Technician with the City of West Des Moines, discusses the West Des Moines Stormwater Assistance Program (SWAP). This program offers a practical way for the community to get involved in stormwater management while receiving financial incentives to do so.

  • Iowa Water Recreation Survey: Do you recreate in Iowa's waters?

    In this guest blog, Lyndy Holt shares results from her Master's work with the University of Iowa's Healthy Lakes Initiative. Iowa Water Watch readers were invited to participate in the Iowa Water Recreation Survey in the April 2023 newsletter. The survey yielded 1,638 respondents throughout the state and established the channels that Iowans use to learn about water health and safety.

  • 25 years of water quality monitoring in Northeast Iowa

    In this guest blog from Northeast Iowa RC&D, Ross Evelsizer discusses the importance of recent water quality monitoring. Northeast Iowa RC&D has been coordinating water quality monitoring in northeast Iowa watersheds since 1999. This annual effort started in the Upper Iowa River watershed but has expanded to include the Upper Wapsipinicon and Turkey River watersheds.

  • Looking for fecal contamination through microbial source tracking in Scott County

    In this guest blog, Watershed Coordinator Liv Humphrey discusses the role of the Partners of Scott County Watershed (PSCW) in water monitoring using microbial source tracking. Now working on their analysis, PSCW demonstrates the importance of investigating fecal pollution in Iowa's watersheds.

  • Power lines and the people: Transmission lines can bring benefits

    Earlier this month, Veronica Ung-Kono of the National Wildlife Federation presented to IEC and other members on the importance of equity in planning transmission projects to ensure a just energy transition. In a guest blog piece, Ung-Kono reflects on the pitfalls and successes of electric grid construction throughout our country's history to tease out lessons for equity for future development.

  • Water issues in Iowa - why do improvement efforts stagnate?

    In this guest blog, Dr. Jacqueline Comito shares the results of a study on water perceptions in Iowa. The data reveals an ongoing issue: while most Iowans are aware of water quality problems, there is little clarity or expectation about who should fix it.

  • IRR Service Squad: Perspectives on Iowa's rivers

    IEC Member Organization Iowa Rivers Revival re-launched their Service Squad initiative in 2023. In this guest blog post, three Americorps volunteers share their summer experiences as part of the initiative.

  • Nitrate Watch: A hands-on approach to nitrate monitoring

    Nitrate pollution is a sprawling, complex issue with its roots in major industries. It can be difficult to feel that we as individuals have the ability to affect change when an issue looms so large. Heather Wilson with the Izaak Walton League of America explains that is one of the reasons IWLA is so excited to invite volunteers to participate in the Nitrate Watch program, which takes a hands-on approach to combatting nitrate pollution.

  • How a pageant dream powered my water quality passion

    Brittany Costello, Miss Scott County, shares how her interests of pageants and water quality combined. Learn about her initiative 'Watersheds: Think Global, Act Local,' as well as her new podcast, her youth curriculum on water quality, her trash clean ups and water quality monitoring projects and all the ways she's engaging local Iowans to make Iowa's water better.

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