Matt Ohloff

Matt Ohloff served with the Iowa Environmental Council as the Clean Communities Manager from 2021-2022. Matt has over 15 years of nonprofit grassroots organizing, advocacy, coalition building, campaign development and execution, and more in Iowa and surrounding states on clean energy and agricultural issues. He is passionate about engaging and uniting communities at the local level to create systemic and lasting change that benefits all people. Matt graduated from University of Iowa in 2006 with a B.A. in Political Science and is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at Drake University. 

Blog posts by this Author:

  • DSM Cooperation Statement: What's promised and what's missing?

    The Des Moines City Council has finalized its latest franchise agreements, set to expire in 2035. The lengthy agreement with no out clause was a disappointment for many climate advocates, including IEC, but Clean Communities Manager Matt Ohloff outlines a new “side agreement” that helps to address some concerns.

  • Building electrification essential to meet Des Moines' climate goals

    For Des Moines to meet its climate goals and shift away from fossil fuels, building electrification is a must. Taking steps such as switching to electric heat pumps to warm homes and induction cooktops for cooking, as well as utilizing a tax abatement policy for the electrification of buildings, Des Moines can continue to improve citizens' health and reach its clean energy commitments by 2035.

  • IEC Intros: Meet Matt Ohloff, Clean Communities Manager

    In our staff introduction series, we're sharing stories and backgrounds of the people working at IEC. In this intro blog, learn more about Matt Ohloff, our new Clean Communities Manager.

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