Megan McDowell

Megan worked with IEC from 2020-2023 as a Communications Coordinator . Megan is a Navy veteran who, thanks to the Veteran Readiness and Employment program, returned to college to pursue a career change in 2018. She is a Drake University graduate with a B.A. with a double major in Public Relations and Strategic Political Communications. Just before returning to school, Megan was working as a legal assistant on workers’ compensation and personal injury claims when she realized she had a passion to help others. She wanted to be more hands on and work to be a voice for those who are not able to advocate on their own behalf.

Megan is a southwest Iowa native, with a background in professional photography, who grew up canoeing rivers all over Iowa with her family and neighbors, and to this day still finds joy in canoeing and kayaking with her friends. She has written stories about Iowa water quality for Drake University publications to raise awareness about the situation in our state. This summer, she documented Iowa waterways for IEC when she visited different stretches of rivers and lakes with friends and family, to support the communications and social media efforts of the Council, and worked on advocacy goals for the water program.

Blog posts by this Author:

  • How one person's passion can inspire others to advocacy and action

    IEC Communications Coordinator Megan McDowell shares her thoughts after attending the Living Lands & Waters Barge Party in the Quad Cities. LL&W celebrated 25 years of cleaning up the water and land. It was a time to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and passion for a mission that has expanded from the shores of Iowa to waterways around the globe.

  • Are we really doing right by Iowa's land and water?

    This summer Communications Support Assistant, Megan McDowell, visited state parks in Western Iowa. Her observations made her question if we can be doing better by our lakes, rivers, and wildlife in Iowa.

  • A Century Farm Looking to the Future

    IEC staff visited the Tesdell Century Farm in May to see about clean energy and land stewardship projects in action.

  • Honoring Our Veterans - Free National Park Visits Start Today

    As we recognize the service our veterans on November 11, starting this year veterans and Gold Star Families can have free access to national public lands.

  • IEC Intros: Meet Megan McDowell

    In our staff introduction series, we would like to share with you stories and backgrounds of the people behind the scenes of IEC. In this intro blog you will learn more about our Communications Support Coordinator.

  • Water Recreation: Have Fun and Be Safe

    Kayaking, canoeing, and tubing season in Iowa is in full swing. Whether you're new to any of these types of water recreation, or a seasoned pro, it's always important to brush up on safety guidelines every year.

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