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Steve Guyer joins IEC as the Energy Policy Counsel, bringing years of experience and leadership in the energy field. Since 2008 Steve has owned and lead GWA International, a solar installation company based in Altoona that has designed and installed solar systems on the federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa DNR facilities, and homes and businesses. Prior to operating his own company, Steve held several key environmental positions with Iowa utilities, analyzing environmental laws and impacts, providing counsel on environmental compliance, conducted due diligence, and other critical environmental duties.

Steve is an Iowa native and holds a JD from the University of Iowa, a BA in Physics from the University of Northern Iowa, and an AA in Electronics Engineering from Hawkeye Institute of Technology in Waterloo. He now resides in Altoona and in his spare time enjoys biking and traveling.  

Blog posts by this Author:

  • Filtering Out the Noise and Focusing on the End Game

    MidAmerican, Alliant and Black Hills Energy are warning that this winter our natural gas heating bills could be as much as 49% higher than last year. While analysists debate the reasoning, we explore what should really be the focus: resources we have at hand to keep electricity rates low.

  • IUB Addresses Electric Vehicle Charging Concerns

    The growing electric vehicle market brings with it a rising need for commercial charging infrastructure. In Iowa, the right to sell or resell electricity has historically been limited to electric utility providers, which is subject to a number of regulations. EV charging presents a need to re-evaluate these definitions.

  • IUB Approval of Net Metering Tariffs Provides Certainty

    The Solar Net Metering law was signed in March and took effect in July. This month, the IUB ruled on tariffs for MidAmerican and Alliant, setting the inflow and outflow billing rates. The tariff ruling also allows for EV charging as part of net metering in certain instances. Learn more about the tariff rulings and how this creates certainty for the future of solar in Iowa.

  • Behind the Eight Ball

    The challenging circumstances posed by Covid-19 are certainly not easy to resolve, but it can be done. The same holds true for climate change.

  • Implementation of Des Moines Benchmarking Ordinance Begins

    The City of Des Moines has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 28% citywide by year 2025. As part of its emissions reduction goal, Des Moines joined a growing number of major U.S. cities in passing an Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance in 2019. The city is now providing more information as implementation gets underway.

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