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posted on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dam Safety

On Thursday, April 21, the Iowa House Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund Committee eliminated funding for the Rivers Program for Dam Safety Mitigation and River Trails, a move that would make Iowa's waterways less safe for boaters, anglers, paddlers and other Iowans enjoying Iowa's outdoors.

Below is a message from Jerry Peckumn, board chair of Iowa Rivers Revival, a long-time Council member organization that has done extensive work on dam safety and mitigation.

Many communities have modified or removed dangerous “low-head dams” using the Rivers Program for Dam Safety Mitigation and River Trails. Adding funds from local communities and federal resources leverages the funds from this state program, making it very effective. Modifying dams also has helped bring white water parks to Iowa, and improved the fishing in the reconnected river segments.
There are still many, many dams that need to be modified to keep unsuspecting people from being pulled into these “drowning-machines.” Support from this program is critical in saving lives.

Contact Legislators on the House RIIF committee and ask them to restore the $2 million in dam safety funding:

House Switchboard: 515-281-3221
Dan Huseman
John Kooiker
Dennis Cohoon
Dave Dawson
Nancy Dunkel
Jake Highfill
Jim Lykam
Dave Maxwell
Quentin Stanerson


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