The Inflation Reduction Act in Iowa: Implementing the Clean Energy and Climate Provisions Panel Series

posted by Marshall James on Wednesday, March 13, 2024

On Friday, February 16, the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) co-hosted a panel series called “The Inflation Reduction Act in Iowa: Implementing the Clean Energy and Climate Provisions” alongside our partners at the Hubbell Environmental Law Initiative, Rewiring America, the UI Labor Center.

Billed by many as the most significant climate change legislation in US history, 2022's Inflation Reduction Act is wide-ranging, consequential, and dense. In order to further illuminate some of the bill's aspects, this event was split into a keynote address and two panels. “The IRA itself has a lot embedded within in, so this panel series was a discussion about some of those opportunities that would apply directly to Iowa,” explained Blake Rupe, Program Director of HELI. 

The keynote was delivered by Kristin G. Eberhard, Senior Director of State & Local Policy at Rewiring America. She discussed methods for stabilizing the climate, the importance of reducing waste by transitioning to clean electricity, and then highlighted local government leaders championing electrification. She made clear how the IRA is stimulating the electrification of communities across the US, especially in places like Iowa.

The first panel was titled “State and Local Opportunities” and was moderated by IEC's energy policy council, Steve Guyer. The discussion focused on sustainability, economic development, and local opportunities brought forth by the IRA.  

Overview of Topics Covered:  

“The Inflation Reduction Act made historic investments in environmental justice,” shared IEC's senior policy advocate Cody Smith during the panel. “These investments are long overdue and will help the many communities across Iowa that have had to grapple with industrial pollution and high energy bills for decades.” 

John Zakrasek presenting

The second panel “Local Labor and Prevailing Wages” was moderated by Robin Clark-Bennet, director of the UI Labor Center and focused on how the IRA is promoting local labor and living wages. Featured speakers included:

Over 200 people attended the panels (in-person and virtually). A full recording of the keynote address and panels can be found below:

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