Preparing for the 2022 Legislative Session

posted on Friday, December 10, 2021 in Council News

December at IEC means our annual membership meeting, year-end planning, and other wrap up activities. But most importantly, we're busy preparing for the next legislative session.

Senators and representatives return to their chambers on January 10, 2022, for the second year of the two-year biennium. This means any bills still 'alive' after the first year of the biennium remain active and can be picked up starting day one of this session. Of course new bills will also be introduced and will need to follow the same paths through 'funnels' and committee hearings, but it is anticipated that we'll see action on some bills much sooner this year. 

After two years of reduced public access due to COVID, IEC will be watching carefully to see how the legislators and staffers conduct business and engage their constituents and the broader public in the work this session. 

As we prepare for January 10, IEC program staffers are holding internal strategy discussions, meeting with partners, engaging lobby staff, and honing their 2022 legislative priorities

IEC's Clean Water and Land Stewardship legislative priorities focus on three main areas:

• Reduce and mitigate agricultural pollution
• Invest in a diverse, inclusive, and multi-functional Iowa landscape
• Flood mitigation and climate resiliency

IEC's Energy and Climate Program legislative priorities will also target three areas of focus:

• Protect and expand Iowa's clean energy leadership
• Support policies for EV deployment and electrification
• Support an equitable transition to clean energy 

You can learn more about these policy priorities and how our teams will work to advance these goals at the statehouse at our 2022 Legislative Preview webinar on January 5. We'll gather interested Iowans from around the state to share details on these topics, provide tools and information, and start session primed for success.

Our policy work is most effective when our members and supporters are involved. We want to hear from you! Here are some additional ways you can participate:

• IEC 2022 Legislative Preview webinar - January 5 
• IEC Virtual Advocacy Day - February 16
• Environmental Advocacy Day at the Capitol - March 2
• IEC's Environmental Mixology - hybrid - March 2

Be sure to also read our weekly Legislative News Bulletin and visit IEC's Legislative Portal online to stay updated on legislative activities, view the weekly bill tracker, and more anytime at See you at the statehouse!

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