Climate Stripes 2022: Iowa's Climate Visual

posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 in Energy News

June 21 is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. In 2022, it's also the fifth year of #ShowYourStripes day, a day when people are encouraged to create and share a warming stripe visual to raise awareness about climate change and rising global temperatures. 

Climate stripe images are an easier way to see the temperature changes experienced in areas around the world, and for our planet as a whole. Each stripe represents one year, and the color corresponds to temperature. Red stripes are years above a long-term average temperature and blue stripes are years below.

Take a look at warming stripes for Iowa, the US, and our planet.

Iowa's Climate Stripes

Iowa's 2022 Climate Stripes - a horizontal image with bands varying in blue to red colors

Iowa's climate stripe in bar format with scale

Graphics courtesy of

Climate Central created warming stripe visuals for four Iowa cities. Below are images for two river communities on each side of the state: Dubuque and Sioux City. 

Dubuque, Iowa, 2022 Warming Stripes

Sioux City Climate Stripes 2022

Graphics courtesy of Climate Central

United State's Climate Stripes

Climate Stripes for USA 2022

Earth's Climate Stripes

Climate Stripes for Earth 2022

Graphics courtesy of

You can learn more about the climate stripes by visiting Climate Central and the site. Use #ShareYourStripes on social media and invite others to do the same to help spread the word about the importance of reducing carbon emissions - not just your own footprint but at the large scale too! 

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