Council sets goal to reach 100% clean power in Iowa by 2035

posted on Thursday, August 26, 2021 in Energy News

Increasing renewable energy, closing fossil-fueled power plants, and investing in energy efficiency some of the achievable actions

DES MOINES, IA -- Aug. 26, 2021 -- The Iowa Environmental Council today announced its vision for Iowa to reach 100 percent clean power generation by 2035.

“Achieving 100 percent clean power in Iowa by 2035 is absolutely doable and the critical first step for Iowa to do its part in addressing climate change,” said Dr. Brian Campbell, executive director of the Iowa Environmental Council. “Our state can and must provide the reliable and cost-effective clean energy necessary to support Iowa’s economy. This presents an opportunity for growth, attracting businesses with clean energy goals, and substantially increasing jobs, farm incomes, and local tax revenues.”

Iowa is thriving with 5,000 jobs in the wind energy sector, 1,000 solar jobs, and nearly 18,000 people employed in making homes and businesses more energy efficient. Many more workers will be needed to build the clean, smart infrastructure necessary to reach this 2035 goal. Land-lease payments for renewable energy currently add up to almost $70 million annually, with local government receiving $129.5 million in tax revenues from renewables. Transitioning away from fossil fuels to clean energy will grow these income streams.

“Iowa is already leading, and we have the power to do even more here in Iowa to make a positive impact. Like any important goal, this will require implementing solutions, overcoming challenges, and countering misconceptions. This shift to clean power requires many actions, including increasing electric generation from renewable sources, developing storage and transmission capacity, investing in energy efficiency, and closing Iowa’s coal-fueled and natural gas-fueled power plants.

“Clean power by 2035 is good for the health of Iowans, good for the health of Iowa’s economy, and good for Iowa’s environment. The Iowa Environmental Council is excited to set 2035 as the goal for clean energy in Iowa and welcome all those ready to join us in working toward this goal.” 


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