IEC and ELPC Settle Alliant Emissions Case

posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021 in Energy News

IEC and ELPC Settle Alliant Emissions Case

The IEC and the Environmental Law & Policy Center settled a case before the Iowa Utilities Board on Thursday, June 17, involving the emissions plan and budget for Alliant Energy’s coal plants in Iowa.

Alliant Lansing Generating StationAlliant sought approval of costs to retire its Lansing Generating Station and to convert the Burlington Generating Station from coal to gas. The retirement and conversion were announced last year in Alliant’s Clean Energy Blueprint, under which Alliant plans to retire all its Iowa coal plants by 2040. IEC participated in a stakeholder planning process that informed Alliant’s decisions.

“We appreciate Alliant’s commitment to stop burning coal at these two facilities,” said Kerri Johannsen, IEC’s Energy Program Director. “We know that coal plants are becoming an economic risk for customers and utilities, and Alliant’s transition away from coal recognizes that fact.”

Alliant will continue operate one coal facility and has partial ownership of several others in the state. The emissions plan applies to coal plant emissions and is legally required to be reviewed by the Utilities Board.

“Iowa has excellent wind resources and rapidly growing solar generation. Expanding our clean energy will benefit all Iowans through cleaner air and economic development,” said Steve Guyer, IEC Energy and Climate Policy Specialist. “IEC has found that the coal generation in Iowa is unnecessary and more expensive than renewable alternatives.”

The settlement must be approved by the Iowa Utilities Board before it takes effect.

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