Angelisa Belden

Angelisa served as IEC's Communications Director from 2018 to 2024.

Previously, she worked in membership and marketing for WTTW, Chicago’s PBS station. Angelisa grew up along the Turkey River in Fayette County, Iowa, and earned her B.A. in Communications and Journalism from the University of Iowa.

She began her career as a broadcast producer with positions at KGAN and KCRG in Cedar Rapids. She then transitioned to work with non-profit professional membership organizations in Minnesota and Illinois, gaining a wide range of experience in communications, volunteer management, development, education, and membership.

Blog posts by this Author:

  • Why we must ensure ALL Iowans are protected with beach advisory signage

    A roadtrip to get photos of an ongoing toxic algae bloom reinforced the need to expand water quality advisory signage to protect ALL Iowans.

  • Where does social justice fit into environmental advocacy?

    Recently, IEC has been receiving inquiries as some individuals and media outlets notice our registrations on bills related to gender, diversity, education, and other more typically social issues. So why is IEC registering on such bills?

  • Facing Down Climate Change: Changing Fear to Hope and Action

    It is clear our climate is changing. Drought, floods, derechos, extreme weather – Iowa has experienced it all… and just in the last 5 years. As a citizen of this planet, and a mom with two young children, this work is incredibly personal and incredibly important to me. It can be hard to face, but there are many reasons to hope.

  • Seeing What Lies Ahead for the Mississippi

    Communications Director Angelisa Belden reflects on her family's visit to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, and what that visit reveals for the future of the Great River.

  • 2021 First Funnel: What Environmental Bills Died This Session?

    The first funnel for bills introduced in the 2021 session took place last week. Take a quick look at our list to see what environmentally-related bills didn't survive to continue on this session.

  • When is it safe to get in the water?

    I spent a significant amount of money for a weekend getaway at an Iowa lake. Imagine my disappointment to find the water covered in green algae on day 2. Was it safe to swim? Who knows? Will I go back? That remains to be seen - and that's a danger for the local economy.

  • 2020 Legislative Session – Victories in Challenging Times

    Iowa's 2020 Legislative Session will go down in history as one filled with promise, but ultimately fraught with uncertainty, change, and strangely enough, status quo. There were also wins. IEC shares news on progress, losses, and bills on hold until next year.

  • Earth Week 2020 - What You Can Do From Home

    IEC has gathered a number of resources and ideas that you can do throughout the week, or on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, to make a difference in your corner of the planet. If we each do our part, together that adds up to a big impact.

  • Preparing for the 2020 Legislative Session

    The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping- even snow is falling in Iowa! Here at IEC, that means we're turning our attention to the Capitol in preparation for the next legislative session.

  • The Basics of Opinion Writing

    Submitting op-eds or LTEs is an effective tool for addressing climate, water, and energy issues. Learn some simple tips to help you prepare and submit a piece for publication.

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