Unique fundraising partnership between IEC and The Side Garage

posted by Jordan Bles on Monday, September 27, 2021

You don’t have to work in fundraising very long around Greater Des Moines, or throughout the state of Iowa, to realize how deep the community support runs, especially from the small businesses who are working incredibly hard to make their communities and neighborhoods cool and just places to live, work, and explore. Just like IEC! 

The Side Garage - humankind be bothCurrently, IEC is fortunate to be working with one of my favorite small businesses, The Side Garage in Valley Junction. First of all, they’re an awesome t-shirt shop. Secondly, they have named the way they support nonprofits in the community - humankind: be both - and I couldn’t love that call to action more. 

Justice shirt from IEC and The Side GarageIEC is their charity of the month for September, and we were delighted they joined us in-person in Des Moines for Pro H2O and printed the shirts they designed for IEC on-site! Their design centers on the justice aspect of what we do at IEC, a growing space for us to be sure, but one we are leaning into more and more. I asked them about why they chose IEC: 

“Our interest in partnering with IEC is driven by our love for outdoor spaces and recreation in those spaces. It's a huge part of our personal lives to spend time outdoors. As we are growing our family and intend to share those activities with our kid(s - hopefully we're blessed to have more!) we want to make sure we support organizations that protect and fight for the health and livelihood of those spaces for generations to come.” 

I hope you check out the options being offered for IEC as part of humankind for the month of September, and support the great organizations that The Side Garage partners with going forward. Thanks for supporting both IEC and local businesses throughout Iowa at the same time! 

These justice-focused IEC items will only be available through September 30, so don't delay - visit sidegarage.com/humankind to place your order!

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Jordan Bles worked with IEC as the Director of Fundraising and Development from 2019 - 2024. 

Previously, Jordan was Director of Development for the National Benevolent Association, supporting its mission to “create communities of compassion and care”, as well as A ... read more