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Standards and Enforcement

State and federal protections for Iowa’s land and water exist. However, due to a variety of factors including special interests, program and personnel cuts, and a lack of reliable funding, these rules and standards are not always appropriately implemented and enforced.

standards and enforcement

There is also a need to improve and strengthen existing standards, and adopt and implement additional programs to protect Iowa’s natural resources. 

The Iowa Environmental Council works with diverse local, state, regional and national stakeholders to shape, navigate and enforce state and federal protections for Iowa’s land and water. We regularly submit public comments, meet with agency staff tasked with permitting and enforcement, and only after exhausting all other avenues, pursue action in the courts when necessary.

The Council supports the implementation and enforcement of strong state standards to protect Iowa’s natural resources. We are committed to:

  • Adopting new pollution standards for lakes, rivers and streams, and developing new use designations and standards for wetlands and cold water streams 
  • Improving oversight of DNR wastewater discharge permits, including implementation of Antidegradation, Total Maximum Daily Loads and narrative water quality standards
  • Working with the DNR and Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that wetland protections are being implemented that avoid or minimize adverse impacts to wetlands, streams and other aquatic resources

Join us in advocating for clean lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands.